5 Natural Hair Techniques That Will Have You Loving Your TWA

I have been natural for over 4 years now, but recently decided to start all over and do the big chop again. Instead of immediately throwing in a protective style, I wanted to try to embrace the short look and love my TWA. I realized that I would definitely have to learn new ways to define my curls and keep my hair healthy in order to do this. Here are 5 natural hair techniques that have literally saved my life and made this natural hair journey a little bit easier.

  1. Pre-poo- Pre-pooing is a treatment that you apply to your hair prior to shampooing your hair. Pre-pooing helps to restore moisture and shine while softening your hair and protecting it from the harsh effects of shampooing. It basically shields your hair. You can use several different things to create a pre-poo. My favorite is extra virgin olive oil with a little honey. To apply, section and detangle your hair. Apply mixture to your hair and scalp. Best results are when the mixture is left in over night so that it can really penetrate the hair shaft. Wake up, wash, and style like normal. Pre-poo’s should be done every time you shampoo your hair, which for me is every other week. Here is a link for a few pre-poo recipes: http://trialsntresses.com/natural-hair/pre-poo-recipesPrepoo-olive-oil-honey-conditioner-and-eggshttps://blackhairinformation.com/hair-care-2/hair-treatments-and-recipes/protein-treatments/5-unique-pre-poo-recipes-to-spice-up-your-hair-regimen/
  2. Shingling– this method gives you super defined curls and, in my opinion, lasts longer than the wash and go. With shingling, I like to use leave in conditioner, shea butter or coconut oil, and eco styler. You have the choice of letting it air dry or you can use a hair dryer/diffuser. Here is a quick video to show you how to achieve this easy style:


3. Stretching– This is a technique that does exactly what it says…it stretches your hair. This is done on freshly washed or condition hair and basically helps to keep length instead of having your hair shrink when it becomes dry. There are a few different ways to do this whether you use heat or naturally let it dry. I recommend letting it naturally dry with the stretching tools so you can avoid heat damage.

4. Protein Treatments– These treatments are essential to natural hair growth and healthy hair. Protein treatments help your hair to become thicker and less brittle. When you apply the product, it creates a barrier around the hair follicle and helps to strengthen the hair shaft. This cuts back on shedding and makes detangling so much easier. Depending on the damage of your hair, treatments can be done every week to once a month.




5. Wash and Go– Ahhh, the infamous wash and go. Now, when I first became natural, I literally thought this was exactly what I was suppose to do with my hair. Wash it…and go! Yeah, that was quickly proven to be incorrect as I would have a matted ball of hair on top of my head. While wash and go’s can be a little bit of work, the pay off is incredible and is always a go to style for newly naturals. You simply wash and condition your hair, make sure to detangle very well. Then you do the L-O-C method, leave-in condish, oil, cream, and section your hair into four sections. For the next part, I like to use shea butter and ecostyler so that it doesn’t give me such a hard curl when it dries; use what works for your hair. You are going to rake the ecostyler through your hair with your fingers, creating curls. Once you have done this to each section, you have three options. One, you can tie up and let air dry. Two, you can use a hair dryer to speed up the process. Three, you can use a hair diffuser to speed up the process and add extra curls, depending on length and hair type. This is one of my fave styles because it is quick and can last up to a week, depending on your upkeep. Quick tip…when adding the ecostyler, make sure your hair is wet. This accentuates the curls more, in my opinion.


And there you have it! Natural hair is always a journey and a process. It is so easy to become overwhelmed with all the different products, terms, and techniques. Just stay with it, do what works for you, and most importantly, HAVE FUN!!


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